In Otaku News - On location at Fosse Farm - Alice Cartalet's house from Kinmoza

Caron was contacted last year by Genco and asked if they could use her Fosse Farm B&B as the home of Alice in the recently released anime series Kiniro Mosaic, also known as Kinmoza.

Kin-iro Mosaic is a 4 panel manga about a Japanese school girl Shino who befriends an English girl Alice while doing a home stay at Alice's home in the UK. The story covers the group of girls adventures in the UK and in Japan.

We caught up with Caron over tea and scones in April, before the show was broadcast on Japanese TV. 

Caron is a fascinating character. While Otaku News brings Japanese culture to the English speaking world, Caron does the opposite, bringing the best of British to the Japanese. She teaches cookery courses in Japan, teaching Japanese ladies how British home baking is done and explaining the finer points of British tea-etiquette. When she's not in Japan educating Anglophiles, she runs a B&B from her farm house - Fosse Farm.